Creative Producer

About ME

Wait. You have two names?

My legal last name is Sczempka. However, as I started to pursue professional acting, it quickly became clear that having a last name that no one can pronounce gets tricky. Therefore I latched onto my mother's easily-marketable maiden name "Bond" and have balanced both names ever since. I'm the Lady Gaga-Stefani Germanotta of my generation.

Why Hello!

I'm Cameron Bond-Sczempka and I was born in beautiful San Diego, CA. I grew up in a performing arts family with two older sisters already performing on stage when I was born. For carpool reasons, it made sense for my parents to drop me off at rehearsals as well even when I was still wearing pull ups. Therefore, in my first performance as a critically acclaimed black sheep and ear of corn in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I literally wore pull ups under my costume as I wasn't full potty trained. So yes, I've been peeing myself on stage since the age of 3.

Throughout my life I've always juggled multiple interests, industries, careers, and hobbies at once. I don't follow conventional paths and quite often despise the limitations of them.

For the past 10 years, I've been bouncing around creative production agencies, creating for Fortune 50 companies, and acting on Broadway stages or across the nation belting my face off and making people laugh. The list of clients and shows I've worked for includes: Be More Chill (Bway), Nike, IBM, Neiman Marcus, Dr. Pepper/Keurig, Progressive, Finding Neverland (Bway), Peloton, Jetblue, Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Beauty and the Beast (tour), Target, Samsung, MasterCard, Sprint, CNN, and Vera Wang. I'm very lucky to have met a lot of bright, talented, and inspiring people along the way, and I thrive on the pure power of collaboration and mentorship.

I'm always looking for new creative and kind people to work with, so please don't hesitate to reach out to grab a drink or coffee.