Neiman Marcus

Movement-based commercials are a forté of mine given my Broadway performing history. This was a brilliant creative directed by Anaïs LaRocca, choreographed Amy Gardner, and line produced by Laura Morris. Creative produced and post produced by me.


This was my favorite of three bespoke creative spots The Mill did for IBM. It was directed by my friends Nic Yiallouris and Ty Richardson.

Core Hydration

Line produced this campaign for Core Hydration under the Keurig/Dr Pepper group. Directed by Ty Richardson.

Neiman Marcus

Tapped my friend and Emmy-nominated choreographer Al Blackstone to partner with director Anaïs LaRocca on this fun "Busby Berkeley" spot for Neiman Marcus. I also served as the casting director, and am proud of this talented and diverse group of performers. Filmed in Tampa at Vū Studios.


Collaborated with the CEO and President of Peloton to create the company's first long-form branded content film. We partnered with CVLT and director Anthony Pellino to give an inside look at what makes Peloton an exceptional at-home fitness experience.


Currently in development. Producing a built-from-scratch, museum-caliber Rube Goldberg Machine with pyrotechnics for Cosentyx. Coming this summer. Directed by Jeff Dates.

Google Pixel 6

Produced and led recordings of the screen UI for Google Pixel 6's entire global launch. We manually interacted with the device to capture actual moments on the phone in order for all of the commercial's screen comps to be authentic and accurate.

Michelob Ultra

For Michelob's Super Bowl 2022 campaign. I line produced the product shoot for their end title card. DP: Michael Girandola


Line produced Painty the Pirate for multiple Paramount+ promotional spots.