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Hail Mary - Feature Film


Mythologie Pictures' debut feature film. Written and directed by Kerry Johnston. Currently in Post Production.


Bury Me In Armor

Co-Story, Lead Producer

Starring the voice of late legendary actor Ed Asner. A slow burn thriller on the lengths one will go to preserve their legacy. Written by Travis Leland with Haley Tubbs. Executive Produced by 2019 Oscar winner Andrew Carlberg. Shot in Richmond, VA at Thomas Jefferson's childhood home. Festivals: Mammoth, San Jose, Newport, Richmond, Garden State, NYFF.

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A mocumentary web series about a young woman navigating the real-world issues of having a random new superpower every day of her life. Created by: Troy Iwata, Jennifer Haining, and Tom McGovern.

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Executive Producer

The latest short film by writer/director Mae Mann. A young girl becomes aware of her true self while still under the possession of her father. Starring Ava Capri, and Tara Raani. Currently in Post Production.