cameron sczempka

Creative Producer

Producing came natural to me. I love the stimulation of juggling multiple things at once, and the situational adjustments that life throws at you. I think my threshold of stress is numbed by the hundreds of high stakes auditions I've prepared for and/or working for production agencies with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants work flow. From creating commercials, short films, or high level branded content, there's only two things I care most about as a creative producer: tell the most captivating story possible for the intended audience, and to have everyone involved be proud of the work they put in by and enjoy themselves along the way. I'd say my life goal as a creator is to tell honest, poignant, challenging, new and hilarious stories, with a purpose to not only entertain, but to start conversations for a better tomorrow.  Below are highlights from my work at Peloton, The Mill, Troika, and my very own Short Film that stars legendary actor Ed Asner which will be making the film festival circuit in 2021. Nothing is stronger than the power of collaboration, and I look forward to collaborating with you.

Creative Producer
from concept through delivery

The Bike Film

Lead Project Manager
and creative Producer

the mill

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associate producer
post production producer/coordinator
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 executive producer, co-story
A dramatic, slow burn
short film set in 1987
starring legendary actor ed asner
set to release WINTER 2021

Synopsis: Dimitry George was an illustrious senator, a ruthless war hero, a distant father, and a very, very troubled man who died from Parkinson's. Now, all that's left behind is his legacy, his grieving daughter, Sarah, whose husband has left her, and a large collection of audio tapes that serve to be the basis for his memoir. A long time family friend, Mike Pander, now an editor for The Times, comes to the estate to transcribe the tapes into a suitable memoir for Dimitry. Amidst the war stories and family tales, Mike discovers a truth buried so deep, neither he nor Sarah were ready for what they found.



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